About Ethemba Village

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Our Dream as Ethemba Village is to develop a self-sustaining Village whereby the Mothers have the ability to grow fresh produce for themselves as well as to give them the worth of incorporating a system whereby they will be able to earn a small income for themselves.

To develop a Skills Development Program where the mothers and older children are given the skill to produce Marketing items for the sustainability of the Village for the likes of Jewellery, aprons, Child Care Overalls, prayer mats etc.

We striving to develop a School for the Villagers they can call their own, catering from Grade 1 – 12. This will give each Child the ability to grow in stature both spiritually, physically and emotionally, merely belonging will develop a pattern of love and acceptance.

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Ethemba Village will produce quality and integrity within the realm of business and basic ethics and The Church being the Core Center.
  • Skill development programs to be in place
  • Education aftercare facility
  • Village will be operational on a 24/7 basis
  • Security and well-being is vital amongst women and children
  • Each Villager will be able to take responsibility for the Role they will play with Ethemba Village
  • To operate a self-sustaining program within the Village
  • To develop an Educare Schooling system raising future leaders within South Africa
  • To obtain land to facilitate our Dream of Hope for widowed mothers and orphans

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Every Child needs to feel loved and part of a permanent family and growing up in a Village will create this environment. Ethemba Village hopes to provide holistic living for every vulnerable and orphaned child with the Core Vision to change every child which is HURT INTO A HERO.
  • Living in a LOVING environment produces a healthy and loving child.
  • Living amongst LAUGHTER produces a happy child
  • Living when LIFE offers you a Hope produces Hero’s