Donations help us grow better, faster.

Donations help us grow better and faster, money is not everything, however, everything does cost money. Here you can assist in growing Ethemba Village through donations, our aim is to have a completely self-sustainable village for widows and orphans – a dream given to Dr Michele Sutherland since 1994, she has had a dream of a village which would bring hope to those who truly need it.

To help this vision become a reality you can help with donations of anything you think may be useful to the village right now. We have had previous individuals and companies donate metal poles for the chilli farm, shade cloth, animals, animal feed, bricks to build homes, builders to help install pipes and electricians to assist with the wiring of the homes etc…

Finances for Ethemba Village do help us as we have workers on the fields who make everything tick 24/7. Animals that need food as well as the general expenses for water usage. Electricity and constant maintenance on the farm. Obviously, any organisation has these expenses, however, considering Ethemba Village is spread across 20 acres of land in the south of Johannesburg. I’m sure you can imagine just the running costs of the organisation.

For this reason, we need constant support. so if you are passionate about helping other people and if you share the same heart for women and children as Ethemba Village does and if you can’t stand to see children being raised in small cramped up homes.  You can help Ethemba Village create a brighter future for those who are hurt, so we may turn them into heroes…




Contribute Through Donations Here

Bank:                          First National Bank
Branch:                      The Glen
Account Name:       Ethemba Village
Account Number:   62559836964
Branch Code:           259605




Ethemba Village is growing every day but your assistance will help us reach our dream much faster and effect more lives quicker. Thank you for supporting and Donating to Ethemba Village | a Village for Widows and Orphans.

Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. 2 Cor 9:7


Should you have any further questions in this regard you can contact us directly here